Jumpstart January 2020

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Chez Mazzei, 845 South Oregon, Jacksonville OR 97530

Digest the last decade and use the energy of 2020 vision and clarity to help you set your intentions for the next year and decade! Re-boot, re-focus, re-inspire yourself as you cleanse yourself of old pictures and detoxify the noise from last year, as you remember what you really, really want. Set yourself up for clarity and confidence in 2020! Make clear-based decisions, not fear-based.

Do you know what you want? Do you know why you want it? Is it worth the time and energy to attain and maintain it?

The power of the 2020: 2020 is a double number, both sides being equal, so double the potency on your intentions as you double the growth and rewards.

Import themes of 2020: Relationship, love, compassion, and enthusiasm! This is the year to let your unique gifts and talents lead you to fulfill your goals and desires.