Spring Into Clean and Clarity!

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Chez Mazzei, 845 South Oregon, Jacksonville OR 97530

What is "clean" and why do we think we need it?

As we harness the power of the Equinox, let's spring into action as we clear out the debris that keeps us from feeling free, spacious, and clear! How do we prioritize when we are committed to "equal to?" When you have the space and time to be Present with your Self, your actions and decisions come from a place of focussed authenticity. Explore physical, emotional, and mental "cleanliness" Prioritize next steps and get real with "cleaning" Learn how to use food, thoughts and constructs to keep it clean Let go of other’s expectations that may be holding your back Learn to manage your energy more efficiently by getting real with who you are and what you want Acknowledge and embrace your unique path and it's expression in your external environment and internal process Class includes discussion, yoga asana, relaxation and meditation to help you feel brighter, lighter, and more focussed.

Live free and clear all year with this unique approach to Spring Cleaning!

$40 Virtual Attendance via Zoom