Teaching Schedule - Last SF Public Classes are March 28, 2018!

9-10:15am    Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Tree Potrero Hill (starting Feb 5)
 Ageless Yoga, The Mindful Body

12:00pm-1:00pm   Vinyasa Flow (Sri Yoga),  Fitness SF SOMA   (formerly Golds Gym on Brannan)

First Tuesday of each month - Sri Sangha AKA Transformational Tuesdays, 6-8pm, Mela Yoga San Mateo

9-10:15am    Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Tree Potrero Hill (starting Feb 7)
12:00-1:15pm   Ageless Yoga,
 The Mindful Body

6:30-7:45pm     Aromatherapy Flow, The Mindful Body
7:45-8:45pm           Yoga NidraThe Mindful Body

“Take yourself to anything Jean Mazzei: Sri retreat, training, yoga class. Jean knows what she teaches, practices what she preaches and you will be transformed.”

-- Margery Zirin, San Mateo

Sri Yoga, developed by Jean Mazzei in the Tantric tradition, incorporates a mindful and systematic approach to yoga (both physical and spiritual), designed to take you deeper into smarana (the remembrance of who you really are). Working from the inside out, we align energy in order to align the body and your life. By gaining awareness of your power (shakti) and your energy (prana), you learn to cultivate these forces that translate to resplendence (Sri) on and off the mat. Classes focus on energetic alignment in asanas (postures), conscious use of the breath (pranayama), focus and concentration (dharana), combined to take you deeper inside your Self. 
Class Descriptions
AGELESS YOGA: Yoga for every body. Slower paced, focus on breath/body union. Perfect for stiffer, older bodies, or for people who want to move more mindfully. Also great if you are recovering from an injury or are getting back into yoga after a hiatus.

AROMATHERAPY FLOW: Transformation never smelled so sweet as you actively engage your most basic and primal sense - smell. In this vinyasa flow class, specific topical essential oils are applied to your wrists, consciously stimulating your olfactory nerve. As the vibrational aspects of the scent move into your brain, your nervous system is supported in dissolving conscious and unconscious levels of mental/physical/emotional habits, patterns, and obstacles.

TRANSFORMATIONAL FLOW: Experience the transformational power of yoga as you combine asana, pranayama, and visualization to create the change you seek so you can live resplendently both on and off the mat. Class targets specific themes and energetic effects. You will leave centered, balanced, toned, and refreshed.

VINYASA YOGA: Focus on core strength, standing poses, twists, backbends, forward bends, preparation for inversions and arm balances, and discover the difference between tension/strength, flexibility/instability. Creates a stable foundation for a balanced life.

YOGA NIDRA: Reduce stress, improve digestion, and prepare the mind for deeper, better quality sleep. Yoga Nidra, or “yogic sleep,” is the art of conscious deep relaxation. Regular, weekly practice will help keep you balanced, calm, and clear. Yoga Nidra is practiced while resting on the back or side as the instructor systematically guides you through the sheaths or layers of the body and mind, penetrating unconscious material, allowing you to release old body/mind patterns that keep you stuck in a “less than amazing” reality.

Yoga Nidra is appropriate for practitioners of all ages and abilities. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.