"Jean is a gem...  an experienced teacher that inspires others to be their best." 
Loren Crawford, The Power of Yoga Program, E-RYT 500  

Jean Mazzei, (E-RYT 500), has been teaching, exploring, and innovating as a yoga teacher for over 40 years. Often called “a teacher’s teacher,” she is an expert in the subtleties of yoga sadahana (practices), and bringing the practices to life off the mat.  For more that 30 years, she has successfully built numerous yoga and movement programs by creating effective curriculum, building class numbers, and fostering community.

Jean’s mission redefines “real” as she helps people remember who they really are and what they are really doing here (smarana). Her sense of humor and commitment to non-judgment provide a safe place for students to explore, break boundaries, and release layers of physical, emotional, and psychic weight. Her classes draw from many styles and include somatics, physical and subtle body alignment, vinyasa krama, pranayama (breath work), visualization (kriya), and deep listening.

Jean's quest for healing herself and finding the truth within has guided her education. Aside from having over 40 years of dedicated personal practice, her studies include 10+ years with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen in BodyMind Centering®, 35 years with master healer and metaphysician Dennis Adams, as well as yoga with Pandit Rajmani Tigunait (Sri Vidya), Dr. Albert Franklin (TKS Desikachar lineage), BKS Iyengar, Rod Stryker (ParaYoga Level 2), and Dharma Mittra (level 1-2 certified).

Being of the school of “Whatever Works,” she believes that “one size does not fit all” when it comes to yoga.      She is the visionary behind Sri Yoga Retreats and Teacher Trainings, and offers 200/500 Hr Yoga Alliance Certification programs, retreats, and workshops here and abroad. 

Jean's Philosophy

sri yoga teacher trainings

Sri Yoga, developed by Jean Mazzei in the Tantric tradition, incorporates a mindful and systematic approach to yoga (both physical and spiritual), designed to take you deeper into smarana (the remembrance of who you really are). Working from the inside out, we align energy in order to align the body and your life. By gaining awareness of your power (shakti) and your energy (prana), you learn to cultivate these forces that translate to resplendence (Sri) on and off the mat. Classes focus on energetic alignment in asanas (postures), conscious use of the breath (pranayama), focus and concentration (dharana), combined to take you deeper inside your Self.