Spring Into Clean and Clarity!

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Chez Mazzei, 845 South Oregon, Jacksonville OR 97530

What is "clean" and why do we think we need it?

As we harness the power of the Equinox, let's spring into action as we clear out the debris that keeps us from feeling free, spacious, and clear! How do we prioritize when we are committed to "equal to?" When you have the space and time to be Present with your Self, your actions and decisions come from a place of focussed authenticity. Explore physical, emotional, and mental "cleanliness" Prioritize next steps and get real with "cleaning" Learn how to use food, thoughts and constructs to keep it clean Let go of other’s expectations that may be holding your back Learn to manage your energy more efficiently by getting real with who you are and what you want Acknowledge and embrace your unique path and it's expression in your external environment and internal process Class includes discussion, yoga asana, relaxation and meditation to help you feel brighter, lighter, and more focussed.

Live free and clear all year with this unique approach to Spring Cleaning!

$40 Virtual Attendance via Zoom

Dennis Adams 2-day Consciousness Event

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Pullman Hotel, 223 Twin Dolphin Dr, Redwood City, CA

Step into Consciousness with Master Healer and Teacher Dennis Adams! This weekend he will be pulling out all the stops as he taps into the root of the Present Moment to bring you to your biggest, brightest Self to date! Disclaimer - you will change. So be prepared.

Sun Moon Fire: Everyday Techniques for Enlightened Living

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Yoga Tree Teacher Training Center, 175 De Haro St., 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA

From conception to the present moment, your Prana (intelligent life force) has been the leading voice.  In this 45 hour training, we explore the fundamentals of energy (prana) management.  Learn how to employ the three main practices of yoga, Lunar (Steady the Mind) , Solar (Build Physical and Mental Stamina) ,and Fire (Transformational) to change your life for the better now.  Transformation happens on all levels and dimensions as we explore and support our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies.

Labor Day Weekend Yoga Retreat

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Chez Mazzei, 845 South Oregon, Jacksonville OR 97530

Love, Labor, and the Art of Being You

Is Love's Labor Lost?

Lighten our loads and brighten our hearts as we explore what it means to tap into our Divine Selves.

Topics and practices may include: What does it mean to nourish ourselves? How can I find balance in my feminine and masculine energies? How much work is it to hide my light? How much work is it to fit in? How much work is it to do what is expected of me? How much work is it to ignore my truth and stifle my words, my creativity, my ideas, my inspirations? What do I value? How do I replenish and re-program my nervous system? Opening the throat Finding steadiness in our bones Embrace the Yield as a starting point for action

Deep relaxation is part of this nourishing content, so be prepared to be re-calibrated and refreshed!

$200 earlybird, $250 regular bird


Chakras, Kundalini and the Path of Self-healing

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Yoga Tree Teacher Training Center, 175 De Haro St., 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA

Through the alchemy of asana, pranayama, and meditation and other daily Energy Managements tools we learn how control and master Prana (our life force). In this 45 hour immersion, we work with the subtle body (Nadis, Chakras, Vayus, Agni, and Kundalini)  to transform our lives physically, mentally, and emotionally.  We will map out and apply techniques to cultivate balance in our Nadis and Chakras, build and harness our Agni, the transformational fire, to create permanent change in our lives. Learn how to work with chakras through Laya Yoga (yoga of dissolving), to free ourselves of physical, mental, and emotional baggage. Practice asana from the “mind of the endocrine system” for a unique and powerful experience as we go even deeper into the mystical aspects of our nervous systems. 

Become a certified Sri Yoga Teacher!

Get Yoga Alliance Certified in these amazing, transformative 200 and 500 hr trainings.

A Yoga Alliance 300 Hr "bridge" program for those who already have 200 Hr certification. Six 50 hour modules (may be taken in any order):

Module 1: Sun, Moon, Fire: Everyday Techniques for Enlightened Living

Module 2: Chakras, Kundalini, and the Path of Self-Healing

Module 3: Koshas: The Journey from Self to Soul
April 24-28, 2019, Yoga Tree Potrero

Module 4: Wake up and Manifest Your Resplendent Life
Nov 13-17, 2019, Yoga Tree Potrero
Module 5 - Harnessing your Power to Heal

Module 6 - Alchemy of the Body and Spirit