You want a personalized yoga retreat experience, but you don't know what you want to focus on? Pick a theme from the menu of suggestions! Just starting the process will take us to the next step.

Don't Know? Just go...”

— Jean Mazzei

PHYSICAL FOCUS - exploring through mostly movement

  • Finding Steadiness and Ease - experience your bones as a means of finding efficient, effective, and more effortless support
  • Unlock Tight Hips - releasing hip tension can unwind issues in shoulders and back. 
  • Unwind Your Spine - gentle movements to unwind years of accumulated back tension
  • Release and Relax Your Shoulders - stop shouldering heavy burdens and feel freer and lighter
  • Soothe Yourself into Restful Sleep - movement and relaxation techniques to improve sleep. Calming your nervous system.
  • Yoga, Hiking, and You - Yoga class, hiking. See what Nature has to offer!
  • Finding Your Authentic Alignment - Understand some of the underlying "rights" and "wrongs" about "proper alignment" and find what is best for your unique body
  • Ageless Yoga - Gentle movements to lubricate the joints. Find strength from more than just your muscles. 
  • Juicy Joints - Lubricate your joints for great ease. 
  • Yoga for Non-Yogis - Don't think yoga is for you? Come and give it a try! Yoga is for every body, not just the rarified few. See what works (and what doesn't) for you!

LIFESTYLE TECHNIQUES - techniques and strategies, movement, philosophy

  • Yoga and Ayurveda - an overview of these sister sciences, how they work together, and how you can use the knowledge of these ancient sciences in your daily life.
  • Best Practices for Your Dosha - what foods, what poses, what attitudes will support balance in my life? Based on Ayurveda.
  • Yoga Nidra - experience the art of "yogic sleep" as you calm and soothe your nervous system, providing a foundation for manifestation, health, and joy
  • Rock Your Pranayama - when and how to use different yogic breathing techniques in your daily life
  • Meditation for Non-Meditators - what is your meditation jam? Let's find out together and get you started with something that works for you!
  • Love Your Body - Body Image for Life - what can I do to love my body every day?
  • Self Care - What Really Works - self care is more than a hot bath sometimes. Explore sustainable and effective practices that never get old.
  • Nourish Yourself - Discover what nourishment is for you, and what it takes to nourish yourself towards physical, mental, and emotional health
  • Detox Now - a nitty gritty detox workshop. Juicing, detoxifying foods, detoxifying yoga practices
  • Detox for Life - Not as immediately intense as De-tox Now. Techniques for how to stay de-toxifed. (can be combined with Detox Now)
  • The Power of Scent - follow your nose and find the scent that works for you. Create your own scent to take home.

PERSPECTIVE CHANGE - living your Big Life, philosophy, techniques, movement

  • You are Perfect, Right Here-Right Now
  • How to Love Your Self Unconditionally
  • Money, Manifestation, and You
  • Living On Purpose
  • Senses, Perception, and Your Place in the World
  • Gaining Support From the Inside Out
  • Moving From Your Authentic Self
  • Finding Flow from Your Fluid You
  • Yoga For Your Heart
  • Finding Balance
  • Divine Masculine Divine Feminine and Center Line
  • The Power of "Equal-to"
  • How to Play the Transformation Long Game
  • Digestion - Breaking Down the Full Cycle - an informative and experiential exploration of the depths of digestion
  • Effective Communication in Defective Situations
  • Finding Your Voice
  • How To See Yourself as Good Enough
  • How do I Love Myself More?
  • How do I Get What I Want From Relationships?
  • BNPs - Basic Neurocellular Patterns
  • Re-write Your Story
  • Chakras
  • De-mystify Kundalini
  • Yoga for Longevity
  • Inspire Your Self
  • Mantra, Chanting, and the Power of Sound
  • Cellular Consciousness, Life, and Movement
  • Do Less, Receive All
  • Surrender Into Support
  • Your Value, Your Values, Your Worth
  • Worthiness
  • Self Expression Strategies
  • Re-gain Balance - Your Vestibular System