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Who the Hell is John?

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 The songs keep telling us
Johnny can’t read
Johnny can’t dance
This poor guy can’t find romance
But if this worn out sung about John
Were given one normal day
We just might find out
Who the hell this John is anyway

Oh Johnny you know you gotta be so good
You gotta keep that rock and roll beat
You gotta keep those preteens so in love
So they feel that preteen heat
Cuz this is your ticket to the other side
No matter what the critics may say
You can only hope someone wants to know
Who the hell is John anyway?

Oh Johnny o Johnny you’re locked in song
A song about money and love
You’re on the side 2 song 1 verse 3 blues
Unless the jukebox sticks and they give it a shove
You’re found in broken down pool halls and 3rd rate bars
You’re name’s smeared across the bathroom walls
And no one cares who you really are
Until the rock and roll rhythm calls

How many people hear their song in your name
As you act out their proverbial plot
You give them the chance to feel their worth
As they see the trap where they are caught
Because John Q Public is your full name
As you rock and roll the world today
Johnny B Good Johnny B Bad
Johnny b happy and johnny b sad
Here’s to the hit song you never had
Wondering who the hell is John anyway?