1. Kinda Like U

From the recording Face of a Nation

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 the school bell rings and your car door slams
your red mustang in a sea of blue sedans
your haircut tells me that you're bad news
and the way your jeans ride, and the way your hips move

you turned around and i tried to look cool
like i didn't care for any part of this school
i'm a hopeless case, i'm chasing hopeless love
i guess i'm just in love with the bad boy club

can you tell I kinda like you
my friends think i'm crazy but i know it's gotta be
i kinda like you
the big question is
do you kinda like me?
do you kinda like me?

when i see you hangin' at the mall
or you're playing with your basketball
i can't keep myself from gawkin' at you
i gotta find the nerve to start talking to you


who says we can never be, there's beauty in your beast
my friends tell me to get a grip and stick with my own kind
but i can't help the way i feel
i think we could be something real
so i don't know what else to do
my heart speaks for my mind