From the recording Face of a Nation

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singer left to find fame and fortune, wishes to return home, but lack of funds and excess of pride stand in her way.


 standin' on the corner, waiting for a friend to come and fix me up
wish that it was warmer, but that's winter in new york
i wanna take a taxi home, or better yet, have a car of my own
big enough to live in when things get rough
i could turn up the heat, turn on the radio and drive that

long road back to memphis
and a used to have a one way ticket home
but i cashed it in for a barrel of laughs
now i'm all alone
and it's a long road back to memphis

if i were bob dylan, i'd have a better way to say "hey, i'm sorry i left that way."
instead i'm all alone out here, got a guitar and a half case of beer,
they're my roomates - i'm a walking cliche
and i'm choking on my pride, too much to take a ride on that


if i could walk on water, i'd be floating in the ocean like the statue in the sea
i'd carry my big torch and i would shine it bright enough, though not for liberty
i'd light that