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About my first true love. I hung on to the idea that we were meant to be together, even after I sabotaged the relationship to such a point that getting back together would never be an option. It took about 12 years for me to resolve this one. Time flies when you’re all alone. And we’re back to the beginning.


 Kitchen light has just burned out
Ceramic tiles cut through me
Glass of wine is all drunk out
Why do you still get to me?

Dinner’s made, it’s on the stove
I’m trying to keep it warm
But like my skin it’s growing cold
This silence is a thunderstorm

Where are you tonight (4X)

It’s your too familiar smell
Hangin in my curtains
It’s that too familiar hell
That keeps my body hurtin

Where are you tonight

When did the days turn into months turn into years
What part of me still waits for you
To hear my thoughts, feel my air
What part of “no” did I misconstrue

Where are you tonight