From the recording Breathing Under Water

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Ahh, a song about my mother. Left with 4 small children (after the Big Girls incident), she was drowning in grief and anger. A survivor, she learned how to breathe under water. And at this point, quite well I might add. Also, I think all of us have learned how to do it as well.


By Jean Mazzei
Dec 26, 2006

Breathing under water
Or die coming up for air
Breathing under water
And finding peace down there

Verse starts:
Mothers have their children
Trying to survive
Life is full of changes
We adapt or die
We start breathing
Under water

Children have their daydreams
Which need to be kept safe
Cuz daydreams turn to nightmares
When time destroys their faith
But they’re breathing under water

A moment in the future
Is a step back in time
For there’s nothing to do there
There’s nothing to find

Ciz peace is in the moment
The instant before breath
And with the change of breathing
We all get to yes
And start breathing