From the recording Breathing Under Water

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Inspired by the emptiness of beauty magazine images. What we see in those “beautiful” girls is unattainable and therefore, dangerous, since so many of us still believe at some level we can look like they do, or from a guys point of view, that women really look like that.


 Icy wet dress in her guilded sweaty cradle
Wind up bird in her breaking glass sleep
Makes every day a waking man’s wet dream
Painted on the cover of her transparent magazine

Pulled fresh face in chocolate fried pants
A perilous place, a delicate trance
Sucking the juice of her salty perfume
Cooking your goose in here spinning red room

You’re the pilgrim, she’s your world
But who discovered whom?
She’ll take you for a red moon ride
She’s the witch, you’re the broom

For tonight you’d better use the icy guilded razor
No matter what you do, you won’t begin to phase her
She’ll suck you, she’ll drink you, she’ll drain you, she’ll sink you
Can you be the lover of a transparent magazine, transparent magazine