From the recording Breathing Under Water

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Written on Christmas Eve. “Everybody’s got a dream.” I remember that guy on the skateboard in the movie “Pretty Woman.” I never made it to LA to test the big waters. These days stars are born everyday. Lives are full of regrets and lost opportunities. People are born into families that don’t understand them. The rich get richer, the stars get brighter, and at the same time, the poor get poorer and the lights go out. I think that everyone has their dream, their wish upon a star. There was such an innocence to the melody and guitar. The gift to me is the belief that we’re all part of the big sky. Childlike and hopeful amongst the tears of bitter disappointment and resentment. I also would like to mention that the bible reference was in there as a real question. I have to believe that whatever we believe in is what works.


by Jean Mazzei
Dec 31, 2006

a million stars are born each day in the city of the angels
a million stars light up the night and smile on perfect strangers
who will be the millionth star whose dreams wake up as true
a million dream and most will sleep and one may shine for you

a million stars are born each night a million wishes made
a million stars light a million dreams and a million children pray
a million cry 6 billion tears over what they might have had
a million scars from monkey bars and dreams that broke in half

every star's been wished upon and holds at least one dream
all so alike yet each unique a million voices sing
the same song in the morning
the same prayer every night
and a million times, those million rhymes, keep looking for their light

a million stars shine each night and each star holds a wish
but can a million hungry dreams come true from 5 loaves and 2 fish?
whatever you believe in will shine light on your path
and a million and one become the sun and a million stars begin to laugh