1. My Little Cell

From the recording Breathing Under Water

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This was definitely SF inspired, laced with my dramatic dancer days of crappy relationships for color. OK, that abusive relationship crept in as well, even though the bookcases were not actually knocked over. I did feel like a domino though – it was a heart thing more than anything. Why SF then? Well, I often wondered if things would work out and whether all my pondering, processing, and pursuing were doing any good, OR was I giving myself just enough rope to hang myself? Regardless, I felt isolated, yet oddly safe in the little cell.


 coffe cup in the morning
cigarette at night
alone with my visions
i'm a deer in my headlihgts

i begged you to answer
you wouldn't even say no
bookcases falling
i was your last domino

you're my invisible lover
a ghost around midnight
coffee cup in the morning
cigarette at night

i take it for granted
that you're never at home
i stare out my window
but i'm never alone

why go to the movies
when i can sit in the dark for free?
coffee cup in the morning
and People magazine

you're my invisible lover
like a nail stuck in a wall
just enough to hang myself
sitting in my little cell

from the outside don't judge me
i need my routine
coffee cup in the morning
satisfies me