From the recording Breathing Under Water

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It’s really a song about my relationship with the music business. It’s kinda like that dysfunctional relationship that ya just can’t seem to walk away from. But, we keep on driving. Not drowning.


 alone again looking in the mirror
nothing left to say or sing about
music used to be one of my best friends
now it's only somehting that i dream about
once i wished upon a star
wished that it would take me far away
i got tired of pay to play
and it feels like everyday I'm

Drivin over water
drivin over time
drive in one direction
drive inside/outside the lines

if only in my imagination
pretending that i'm finally free from you
having a field day with no oblilgation
no one here to judge or answer to
tossed and turned inside out
twisted by my own self dobut they say
time heals all but what heals time
the clock keeps ticking and i know i'm


did you mean to take me down to the ground
did you mean to hold me down til i drown
but i'm not drowining