From the recording Breathing Under Water

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I felt like I was drowning, losing myself, getting lost in the chaos of ever beautiful san Francisco. Since there is never a snow day, or a day so hot you cant’ go outside cuz you’ll burn holes in your sandals, there is no reason not to be working 24/7. I was lost in the world of songwriting classes, critiques, and competition. I lost myself.


this foggy haze
I lost my truth
Can’t find my dreams or priorities, more of these
I lost my youth

Focus my mind
Fragments of time
Telling me that I’m late, I’m not great, most of all
I’m driving blind

I’m lost in the chaos
Lost in the chaos
Lost in the chaos
I’m lost

Where do I go?
Can’t find my way
I’ can’t believe I forgot to show up for
A new job today

Get off this ride
Work sanctified
I’m too available, nothing’s downscale-able,
Nowhere to hide


I see no reflection in this mirror
I’ve become invisible to myself
Noise that nothing can disturb
Turns my thoughts to mindless words