From the recording Breathing Under Water

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STORY: No poignant history on this one. I’ve never been one to have “good luck.” I was never one of the lucky ones, you know. I never win at drawings or contests or raffles. This song was about a time when I was left alone in a Kansas apartment, no boyfriend, no nothing. I didn’t even have the cat.

GE Stinson - electric guitar ambiance
Ronan Chris Murphy - electic guitar solo
Ian Sheridan - bass
Victor Bisetti - drums
Jean Mazzei - acoustic guitar


 verse 1
fat cat at the top of the stairs
looking at me in my underwear
the elastic is shot
so am i

black cat walking under my ladder
she throws salt over her left shoulder
she's superstitious
so am i

and it's bad luck to be alone on sunday
and it's bad luck to find myself alone on monday
even worse is to be alone on tuesday
and on saturday, if i'm still here
i know i'll be alone on sunday

verse 2
brat cat rubs at my ankles
she doesn't care about love triangles
she needs to be fed
so do i

open the cupboard and nothing is there
i look at us, we make quite a pair
she needs attention
so do i


and it's my bad luck
it's another messy breakup
i got stuck with a bad luck black cat and a ladder
a bad luck black cat and a ladder
a bad luck black cat and a ladder
no bread no butter no salt...