Weekly Ongoing Class Schedule via Zoom (class times are PST)

3:30-4:30pm  Ageless Yoga, Thriveability SF

10-11:00am  Ageless Yoga, The Mindful Body


Yoga re-inspired! Jean incorporates a mindful, somatic, and systematic approach to yoga (both physical and spiritual), designed to take you deeper into smarana (the remembrance of who you really are). Working from the inside out, we align energy in order to align the body and your life. By gaining awareness of your power (shakti) and your energy (prana), you learn to cultivate these forces that translate to resplendence (Sri) on and off the mat. Classes focus on energetic alignment in asanas (postures), conscious use of the breath (pranayama), focus and concentration (dharana), combined to take you deeper inside your Self. 

“Take yourself to anything Jean Mazzei: Sri retreat, training, yoga class. Jean knows what she teaches, practices what she preaches and you will be transformed.”

-- Margery Zirin, SYTT 200  graduate

"Jean helps you give permission to yourself to be who you are, to be gentle to yourself and reminders you always that you are enough.  She meets you where you are, no pushing, no judgement."

--Maria Worthge, SYTT 200 graduate

"Thank you for sharing the teaches in the way only you can and for modeling them with such strength, rawness, vulnerability, and fierce love.”

--Shelby Alexandar, co-founder Blissen.co


Class Descriptions

AGELESS YOGA: Yoga for every body. Works with the pranamaya kosha to gain more mobility, strength, freedom, and spaciousness. Slower paced, focus on breath/body union. Perfect for stiffer, older bodies, or for people who want to move more mindfully. Also great if you are recovering from an injury or are getting back into yoga after a hiatus.

DEEP CREATIVE FLOW:  Come together as we move, breathe, play, and explore our inner and outer connections. This class addresses present moment issues using present moment modalities. Break our own molds as we connect to Self and Other. We are Both. Come remember who you really are in a safe and non-judgmental space.