Embodied Systems Anatomy

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Chez Mazzei, 845 South Oregon, Jacksonville OR 97530

Tantra says, “Yatha pindande, tatha brahmande—Whatever is in the body is also in the universe.” Learn how to recognize the Universal Truth expressed in your body - your personal roadmap and toolbox to understanding.

As you refine your listening, you gain access to more of your Highest Self, allowing you to be a larger conduit for Joy and Resplendence. As you become softer and more still, you hear the voice of your more subtle anatomy. Discover deep communication as you embody the "mind" of your different physical systems (bones, muscles, connective tissue, organs, etc…) By taking this potent and subtle journey into Self as Body, converse with the space between the cells as the pathway to ultimate healing.

Learn how to practice, teach, and heal from your Dhi, your clear and receptive heart. This immersion also addresses yoga as healer by refining our ability to see, listen, and touch. Explore the healing power of “touch” through embodiment, voice, space holding, bhavana (intention), and Being. Experience your Self and Other, sharing space, sharing experience.

NOTE- this training will include lots of additional perks!

Topics Include:

Learn to listen through your Systems Anatomy How do we touch each other without physically touching? Explore the art of refined touch and transmission Use of System Anatomy themes and bhavana for clearer transmission and practice Explore classroom and communication dynamics by understanding the different “minds” of the room (yes this translates to a virtual reality!) Delve deeper as you expand and refine your concept of Ahimsa (non-violence) Exploring language as a way to move away from the paradigm of binary, hierarchy, supremacy Embody and transmit a deeper sense of agency through shared experience

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