The Exotic Lands of Chakras and Glands

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Ready for some travel? Let’s take a trip through the exotic endocrine system! This BodyMind Centering ™ influenced class will connect head and tail through the pathway of the chakras and the endocrine glands. If you are feeling tired or wired, it could be a gland thing! Feel the weight on your shoulders, or carrying a load on your back? Glands can offer lightness and support!

Overview of the endocrine system and mind Experience vertical support with glandular clarity Explore the relationship of the subtle body’s chakras and placement of endocrine glands Discover new lands inside of your Self as you play with this mystical system

Class will start with discussion and embodiment explorations culminating in a juicy gland/chakra-centric asana class.

Stillness, Chaos, Balance, Wholeness, the world is yours in the exotic land of chakras and glands!