Manifest Your Resplendent Life

 — (PDT, UTC-07) — (PDT, UTC-07)

Chez Mazzei, 845 South Oregon, Jacksonville OR 97530

“You can’t always get what you want.” Or can you? In this training we discuss the 4 states of consciousness: Awake, Dreaming, Deep Sleep and Turiya. By transcending Ego and limiting beliefs, you transcend your story and begin to live a life of resplendence right here, right now! Investigate how the mind works, storyboarding the movie of your life.

Unearth the parts of us that sabotage (vikalpas) and learn how you can replace those parts with your heart’s desire (sankalpa). Experience technologies Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) and why they are powerful tools in helping you manifest your more expanded reality, as well tools to help you reduce stress and gain clarity. Learn to walk your talk and take your yoga off the mat in a practical and realistic, resplendent way.

Join together in person (virtual option available) as we sink into this very special retreat style training over the Autumn Equinox!

Become a clearer channel for all that you seek, as you learn techniques that you can apply to your classroom, as well as techniques only appropriate for your personal practice.

Topics include:

How to manifest your Intentions and break the cycle of self sabotage Digging in and discovering your Deepest Driving Desire (DDD) Karma and transcending your “story, aka “ego” The Art of Sankalpa/vikalpa- Intention and Manifestation Yoga Nidra, lucid dreaming, and the unconscious mind Discover your Dharma, your life’s purpose Understand Siddhis (fruit of your practice) and their application

Course is In Person. Digital option as well if you can't or choose not to be here!